Who we are

Makotis.co.za and Makotis.com are South Africas most popular online African Clothing and Fabric store. Makotis is owned by Makotis Africa (Pty) Ltd with registered address at 112 Helen Joseph Street, Johannesburg and postal address: P.O Box 61467, Marshalltown, 2107.



The 1960's and 70's 

In 1961, Hajra Wadee and her husband, the late Ahmed Wadee started selling socks and t shirts in an arcade between Market and Commissioner Streets in Johannesburg. The business was then registered under the name Arcade Wholesalers. The business was run by the family with their two sons also working in the business.

When the property in the arcade was sold, they relocated to a store on the corner of West Street and Commissioner Streets. Over the years, they began purchasing Shwe Shwe, CP9 and other popular traditional fabrics from Da Gama textiles. They also began manufacturing traditional garments. Within a few years, a few other branches were opened in Main road and Bekker Street under the name Magogo Shop. The name Magogo which means “grandmother” was chosen as all our customers reffered to Hajra Wadee by the name Magogo. To this day, Hajra Wadee now in her 80’s still has some involvement in the business and is still affectionately known by our customers as Magogo.

The 1980's and 1990's

In 1985, Ahmed Wadee passed away and Hajra Wadee and her one son Ashraf Wadee started a partnership with ownership of two stores, the store on West Street and the store Magogos Shop on Bekker Street.

In the 90’s Ashraf Wadee opened the store “Makotis” on 112 President Street. Makotis was chosen as it had a double meaning. Firtsly it was chosen in honour of Ashraf’s wife, Hafsa who is known by many as Makoti. Secondly, a “Makoti” which means a bride or daughter in law was chosen as many of our traditional garments were sold for traditional weddings

The 2000's to date

In 2009, Ashraf Wadee saw a need in the market for more fashionable traditional garments and began manufacturing bespoke wedding garments. Today, Makotis manufactures clothing for many individuals and coporates. • The business is still a family run business and today, Ashraf Wadee and his three sons run the business.